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Esta semana mis post seran muy diferentes a lo que normalmente publico en el blog. Esta semana casi no tendre lo que son los #ootd si no que les compartire un poco de las cosas que he hecho o como puedes utilizar algunas cosas, ya que son fotos que tenia guardadas y no habia publicado, asi aprovecho para ir recopilandoles mas outfits y publicarselos la siguiente semana. Esta es una photoshoot que hice junto con otras 3 chicas en Puerto Vallarta el verano del 2012. Espero les gusten.

This week my posts will be a little more different that what I used to publish on the blog. This week there's not going to be a lot of #ootd, perhaps im going to share with you some pictures and stuff I've done or how do you can match some clothes. These are some pictures that I've had keep in my computer for a while, and sharing this stuff this week gives me time to take more pictures and show you new looks next week. This is a photoshoot I've done with three other girls in Puerto Vallarta in the summer of 2012. Hope you like it.

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  1. love it.. beautiful pics…